What can I say?

Here, I so often try to find new things to say about design elements that speak to me. Sometimes, I just want to just share something I’ve found and say, “Hey, I love that. I would wear that.”

But, really, shouldn’t I say more? Shouldn’t I say why? You know, it’s just not that easy. It’s easier to speak of lovely technique or innovation but it’s harder to say why something just strikes a chord.

Among the lines of jewelry that cause words to fail me is the work of Erin Jane.

White Jade NecklaceLong White Jade Necklace

So, about this, I can scare up a few words.  As I’ve said before, one of the things I most appreciate in jewelry design is when the designer really makes necessary components do some of the aesthetic heavy-lifting.  Jane has done this here with the silver band connecting the pendant to the chain.  With this little maneuver, she’s cleverly elevated the design from what could of have been a much more forgettable necklace.

Gold Bracelet with White Topaz (2)Gold Bar Bracelet with White Topaz

Nice. Clean. Simple.

Chocolate Diamond NecklaceChocolate Diamond Three Stone Bar Necklace

I didn’t write fast enough.  This has sold.  It’s beautiful, though, and maybe she’ll make more.  I love dots.  I love mixed metal.  This is no brainer.  Love it.


Pierced Through The Heart

I was not allowed to get my ears pierced until I was eleven. Eleven! The shame. It took an all-out campaign to get my dad to acquiesce.   Even then, he wouldn’t take me.  Having acquired permission, I had to talk a babysitter into it.  Once pierced, I quickly accumulated a collection of crappy earrings.  I loved them all and no morning was complete until I worked a pair until those elusive holes.

Every so often I will notice an adult woman who has never had her ears pierced. As important as it was to me as kid to have it done, now, I sort of admire the restraint it took to not mutilate ones ear lobes in order to wear Claire’s finery.  Admiration aside, when I see such a stalwart, I wonder: “How did you make it through your adolescence that way?  Did your parents just never give in?  Did you ever try bargaining for it with a good report card?”

These days, and I am not sure when it happened, I don’t wear earrings very often.  Usually, I forget to put them in.  And, when I go looking to expand my now meager earrings collection, I come away disappointed.  It all seems so done and predictable.  Ultimately, I think earrings have a tall order to fill.  They are, after all, next to one’s face.  The can’t just be pretty objects in and of themselves — they have to be flattering. 

But, I looked hard, dear readers, and I found signs of life.  In particular, I found that Heidi Daus’ earrings have a great deal of life.  She has a wonderful line jewelry that is all worth a comment.  But, today is about earrings — so here we go.

Life is complicated …

The title of this post is the beginning of one of my personal catch phrases.  “Life is complicated … (and a beat later) … morally ambiguous.”  I am not sure that the second half of that has much to do with my point.  Mainly, I am claiming that my absence from this blog is because life is complicated … and busy.  Oh, that sounds so lame.  But, it’s true.  This is not a hyper-personal blog but I will share that the last few months have been a time of adjustment in my life.  When I had time, I found that I had little to say about the art and design of jewelry that I love so much.

Out of curiosity, I logged on today to this little blog that contains my little musings.  I was so pleased, alarmed, and touched to find that it still, in my absence, receives daily hits.  And so, I determined that I should find more to say.  It makes me happy and, if others enjoy it, all the better.  So, here’s to the future and more to come.


Sometime back, I learned that my identity had been stolen.  Ironically, a good deal of mainstream jewelry from national retailers was purchased.  The humor in that was not lost on me.  I learned from one of the fraud investigators that the woman, with a fake ID with her picture and my (old) information, seemed to know a great deal about me.  She talked too much and shared information that either came from this blog or my Etsy profile.  I am here to say to that person, should she be reading: life is complicated … and morally ambiguous.  I get that. 


Hello All:

I had meant to announce the hiatus of the B + C blog.  I really had.  But, like so many things, it got away from me.  I just didn’t write anything for weeks and weeks with no explanation.  So, now, with great delay, here is my story.

In my other life, I am an attorney.  I work in California but I am licensed in Ohio.   My current job, for various reasons, does not require a California license.  Nevertheless, I got it in my silly little head to become licensed in California.  So, over the last several months, I invested a great deal of time, energy, and sanity that I could ill afford to spend to take the dreaded California Bar Exam.  I won’t know until November 16th if it all has paid off.  Wish me luck.

All that said, I have missed this activity and all that it represents for me — the looking at jewelry; the thinking about jewelry; the writing about jewelry; and the making of jewelry.  It is my life-line to the creative world.  Soon new, full blog posts will be coming.  In the meantime, check out these fun Etsy finds!

The New Cameo

Nothing says traditional jewelry quite like a cameo.  Components carved in the cameo style have appeared in every type of jewelry — rings, necklaces, earrings — for a very, very long time.  Only a designer with boldness in her heart would try to update the cameo and succeed.

The bold Jessica J. Fein has done just that.  She has a lovely line of vintage inspired chunky, playful jewelry and the modern/cameo mashups are very nice additions to the line.

You can find these lovely pieces in her Etsy store, jfeindesigns, as well as her other wonderful creations!

The Shins.

The Shins very thoughtfully let a little piece of jewelry play a role in this awesome video, thus, giving me the excuse to post it.

Did you see it?  It’s in there — a necklace which justifies the video’s presence in this blog.  Ha.  I just love that video.  It seems like it could be a dark episode in the history of the Tenenbaum family.

So, with that clumsy segue, I will engage in a little shameless self-promotion.

As I have alluded to here, in addition to learning to make jewelry, I make artwork in my spare time.  Although I haven’t always talked about it, it has been a part of my life for years.  Presumably as part of promoting their new album, The Shins are running a contest to design their tour poster.  I have submitted a few designs and I’ll share a couple of them here.

This first one is an altered photograph of my assemblage piece called “Empty.”  While the original piece wasn’t created for the poster project, the above video for Simple Song called this piece to mind.  I am pretty sure that The Shins will not want a random piece of artwork to grace their tour poster.  Nevertheless, it was a labor of love to turn it into a poster design as I listen The Shins a lot while doing creative work.  If you like, it you can vote for it here.

Then, there is this:

This is a photograph of my dad’s awesome vintage stereo.  It is literally bigger than the floor space in my tiny little San Francisco kitchen.  It is no joke.  Anyway, I digitally toyed around with it and, overall, thought that the image would make a fun poster.  If you like it, you can vote for it here.